Fancy Cats

Here is an audio book I made from scratch. It’s got music and romance and all that jazz!     Love. Jazz. Busy city streets. Cats. Villians. Heros. Jazz. Herbal- the orphan searching for that sound. Hairforth- fearful his past will find him out. Jazz. Velveeta Mac- coming home? Love? Darth Swineford – … More Fancy Cats


Look, do you see that mountain?   The grass covering its feet and the long angular lines racing to an untouched sky. How can something so massive be still, with rivers flowing from its crown and all the life of heaven rushing down? Should we all be still, with grass covering our feet and our … More Look!

A sober day.

  A sober day. A clear day. Where light streams through the blinds and there is no shame, there is no last night. Where that same light jumps off the water, splashes, and dives back into water. Where that one girl walks her dog and they seem so perfect for someone like me. A sober … More A sober day.


    we met on the street i’m on the street now because i’m awake and i want to see you i know there is another way i know you have your own life i know i am lonely and i drift from that street back to myself to find a trace of you in … More drift.