a resolute prayer

10274071_10208264574793709_3261051674121438828_nFather, keep them in your name,

those who light the fires,

walk the ramparts,

whose distance is measured

in phone calls and letters,

who spend themselves in silence,

and give their bodies to the violence,

keep them in your name.

Father, hide them in your wings,

the mothers and daughters,

who fight for others,

for women and children,

who do not know freedom,

for the starving, displaced masses,

fleeing from one storm to another,

under the cruel whip of their masters,

hide them in your wings.

Father, keep them in your word,

the men who war,

and casts their lots,

who run headlong,

into bullets and bombs,

who may never father children,

or know the love of a woman,

or left that love behind,

to accomplish the mission,

keep them in your word.

Father, glory to your name,

glory from those who go,

and from those who stay,

may the prayers and hopes,

be lifted, heard, and known,

may the hearts of all be settled,

may the peace of God rest,

upon every father praying for his son,

every child waiting for their mom,

every friend or lover longing for the one,

who disappeared into the smoke,

we light our candles,

we hold out hope,

glory to your name.


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