the flowers before the sun


he flopped onto the bed
it was midday
the cool white sheets
crisp fresh
the lilacs
it was her
he closed his eyes
to breath
she lay down
without gravity
lifted his arm
and lay her head on his bare chest
skin warmth
he was working hard
for them
he sighed
she lifted her head
kissed his lips
ran her fingers through his hair
it was getting long
she turned so her chin rested on his chest and she looked on him
he was tired
she caressed his face
and kissed his lips
the lilacs
he scooted down and turned on his side so they were face to face
he put his hand on her neck
she closed her eyes
the gravity
he leaned in close and smelled her neck just under her ear
and kissed her ear her cheek her lips
then pulled his head away
and looked into her eyes
he was tired
he brushed the hair from her face
she shook her head so her hair fell loose again
again he brushed the hair from her face
the lilacs
she turned her back to him
and he held her close
tight safe
she grabbed the arm holding her with both her hands
she lifted his hand to her mouth and kissed it
the gravity
he lay his head on her shoulder and sighed and held her tight
she took his hand and traced it across her contours
her skin like a flower laying bare before the sun warm soft naked
the gravity
he held her tight and sighed
she  turned to look at him
directly at him
she placed his hand on her cheek
and he kissed her and he kissed her again
the lilacs
the flowers before the sun
the gravity
and then they fell asleep



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