the sea/between

the sea/between


cold comfort

of motionless stars

crowning dead planet

the shadow of a ceaseless quiet

of night

with pillows and blankets

smothering desire

a ghost is nothing to hold

when you speak i grow old

walking away from the path

sitting in the past

all the restless aftermath

is a smoldering fire

and  i    am    sick    of    smoke

phantasms and ghost

impossible to hold

pain it’s own release

winter to spring

and all points between


i’ll tell you how to cast off a ghost

dance with destiny

open your mouth and sing

the answer lay

buried neath cruel identity

as the words form-merge-burn

a fire will consume your heart-lungs

the ocean of sound coming out of your mouth

will drown in flames

every cruel master who came to hunt you down

i am the sea between

everything that wants to kill you

and who you’re meant to be




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