a name the waves wash away

something happened

when i was thrown to the ground

to the dirt

to the whatever place

to the waste

i knew in my bones

a song troubled my lips

haunting melodic memory

from the mouth of the river

i got used to laying still

waiting for you to come to me

waiting to be made real

home was far away

i’ve changed since the day

i stormed out


angry still

at myself

my past

my choices

the loss of my compass

in a briar of voices

low low lower

lips kiss the dirt

everything laid open

old wounds reopen

so i don’t move

i don’t move a muscle

as you reach for your scalpel

writing in the sand

a name

the waves wash away

a place

i fell

to become one pure sunset in the heart of my father

you said son


to the words as they come out of my mouth

one day we’ll be so close

that you can hear them before they come out

one day we’ll raise the ruins

the mountains will bow

and on the even plain

you will see

the fullness of who i am

and what i am doing


i give you this one thing

the courage

to shake the dust off your feet

and keep going






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