the lion and the bear

what if david

young david

chose instead of sling and stone

to wear the armor

of a great man

a king

big clumsy armor

for one who was afraid

to open his heart

to the wild wind

and bury his rage

in the giants head



what if david

our same david

chose not to dance

parading as a fool

a conquered king

in hostile streets

in his undergarments

which means his underwear

could you imagine the president of the united states

doing such a thing

that would be so inappropriate

how could we ever respect him again

once he put his nakedness

on display before men

well i guess god didn’t mind

because a thousand years later

he did it again



and now david

old beloved psalmist david

father of a thousand songs

dripping like honey

from israel’s tongue

what if


of unburdening his heart

before a hostile world

he wrote timid tepid worship songs

that sounded the same as everyone

and he forgot his young harp

his wild heart

and the time spent in communion with the stars

in the wilderness

in the stillness

in the quiet

where one word from heaven

was enough

to slay a thousand goliaths




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