YALP (in two parts)


“ Poetic intuition is knowledge by ‘connaturality’ or participation, that finds within the self something that corresponds to the object, thus leaping over the barrier between self and other. So a person gazing at the stars, even if he cannot measure them in the way demanded by scientific knowledge, may be led to a part of himself in which those great distances and holy fires are felt to exist and possess a meaning.”

Stratford Caldecott- Beauty for Truth’s Sake



in all the great cosmos

exists an order

visible yet unseen

crowned with brilliance

from sphere to sphere

extending everywhere

the scepter of truth

the deep longings of my human heart

attest to the fact

that if the world disappeared

i would want it back

not for the comfort of my home

but for the chance to gaze into the heavens

as they rush my soul

with divine turbulence

echoing the eternal promise

that in the vastness of infinite space

i am known





ancient fire

from which all fires spread

flames leaping and dancing

from one generation to the next

an inexorable movement

where father breathes into sand

imparts to me the secret

and is blown into the wind

i am left with the sense

of entanglement

in the unfolding fraternity of man

from which i accept this truth

as i raise my hands


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