YALP (in two parts)

  “ Poetic intuition is knowledge by ‘connaturality’ or participation, that finds within the self something that corresponds to the object, thus leaping over the barrier between self and other. So a person gazing at the stars, even if he cannot measure them in the way demanded by scientific knowledge, may be led to a … More YALP (in two parts)

i am the trail

i am the blood of your mountains the noise in your violence the mouth of the river the cold of moon forest i am the army of one hundred roots moving in secret in motion in truth i am the soul of gentle things a part untamed silent monks thaw and rage silent moon   the … More i am the trail


if i am the ground the seed sown then- when you reach for what is real is ripe then you touch my life the deepest truth     i am deeper than anything   i know i am if the wind sucks the world from my senses and i am led into a vast loneliness to be the … More RIPE