and zen some

( 3 strange poems that came out of nowhere and are likely to return)

the master

walks up to

the young prince

meditating in the garden

the flower

he says

cannot see itself

only the sun

as i see myself

in the flower

and what of the sun

asks the foolish prince

to which the master

slapped him across the mouth

then wrote on the ground

the sun is you

when you are in bloom

two friends

on a long journey


neath the shade

of a willow tree

so great are her branches

spreading out over the friends

that they stretch out their arms

grasping all they can

of comfort


and joy

years they spend


in her shadow

until restless they become

one searches for the other

the other searches for one

there are only shades and shadows


the long journey is done

you sit alone out here- in this desert wilderness

how curious

from where do you drink

your roots must run deep

what do you see

through your trembling leaves

how can you stand

with your feet in the sand

why do you stay

what do you say

who in the world

made you this way

to these queries

a reply as fine as mist

baptizing the lips

of the young princess

as she turned

a wild thing

into a prince


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