too rich for my blood

i fell into the hands of scientist

who placed me in their petri dish

stirred me with sweet malcontent

and through

the business end of the microscope

probed my genes for evidence

to prove their dark hypothesis

they turned on the lights

cranked up the heat

brought in the muscle

and gave it to me

concocting their potions

chemical compound

mysteries in motion

loosened my tongue

so i mimicked them

before long

the words in my heart

and the thoughts in my thoughts

were inseparable

from the lies i was taught

by the block rocking cops

i awoke in a stupor

some years later

to the sharp displeasure

of being left on the table

having rendered me innocuous

they left my bones to decompose

and forgot the depths

of the holy ghost

he sang

a song

a bird aloft


laying a blanket across

a field

of wheat

warm wet sand on my feet

waves spraying my face


and the glory days

he sang

with rocks and pebbles

under my feet

melodies falling like golden leaves

from ancient trees

adorning a path

fit for a king

all the time

he was walking with me

answering the question

i refused to ask

am i worth all the effort

am i alone

in the past


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