field and stream

through many twists and yes turns i come to this bend fork unguarded moment of the heart settling for once the question my god where is the life i want the answer exist below the surface in the depths of service to the lord to the fields and streams and peoples of this world my … More field and stream

tongues of fire

remember when, you danced in the field soft grass dew and the feeling that everything included you part II or when, you troubled the waters with a perfect promise a child could not wander from the ocean heart of his father now i remember, the waves that kissed my lips and the storm that came … More tongues of fire

speak now or forever

a violence stirring the water slapping the waves wrath pain a ship in the dark rocks men nervous frantic callous wake the master of waves he looks them in the eye to say peace is not a place peace is the distance between what you fear and what you say