something in the way she moves

it was one of those nights
when you would rather
walk the block
in moonlight
as the wind wiped
and leaves danced
touching every lonely branch
before resting at your feet
spreading a carpet
of melancholy
winter is nigh
expectations once high
for the warmth
of the nearest streetlight
and no one says a word
all passers bye
are acquainted with the night
someone offers an objection
a protest to the dawn
why not let
this blanket cover us
and leave us as we are
this season
like all seasons will pass
keep walking
keep your head down
as the north wind howls
tuck frigid hands
into warm pockets
fumbling for keys
unlock the magic
of a warm bed
a warm body
a soft kiss
an apology
for wandering
into the dark covering
of the stars
but your lover knows
where you have been
you are
and without saying a word
offers herself
as the answer
you are searching for
come and be warm
rest weary bones
and thoughts fargone
be still
and quite
and i will give you the dawn
and everything you cannot find
within your restless heart


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