a guy walks into the moon

let me see if i can piece this together
you say
you have
two paths
inside of you
one chases the sun
the other circles the moon
like a crestfallen exlover
wandering the streets
muttering about lovelost and farflung
dipping fingers into eternity
tasting honey smothered memories
as they slip into the gutter
forming puddles of uncertainty

your elliptical paths
create hazards
in the music of your aftermath
my suggestion
is a forced deflection
where you close the loop
on this depression
let gravity have her way
let the needle find the groove
let it spin its spell inside of you
let a music you have never seen
disjoin you from the fading dream
because there was never anything
other then uncertainty

can you feel
the rhythm of the water
the secret of the morning star
the reason we are here
the reason why these two paths
will never touch
except to share
a light
lovers find
as they gaze into each others eyes


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