my empire of dirt

the fresh tracks
mark the footfall
of a wounded
staggering in a frantic pace
to escape
the pain
to erase
the trail
hoping that
the hounds of hell
are confounded by
the misleading smell
of death
upon his lips

oh where
oh where is the sanctuary
for the wounded
for the downtrodden
trampled underfoot
except in the claim
of a man who came
to disrobe himself
embracing shame

the night
fell hard and heavy
as the guards
moved into place
the air was still
and quiet
as his friends
slept in peace

where oh where
is sweet asylum
in a world marred by death
in the quivering silence
of angles
holding their breath
keeping at bay
the furious anger
of those who know of another way

and i
stood silent
i fled
from violence
fearful and frightened
at the prospect
of everything i ever knew
being ravaged
by the cohort who
came in darkness
to arrest the truth

and my empire of dirt
the end from the beginning
the beginning from the end
and when the lot fell at my feet
i denied
eternal friend

how can i
when the sin against
my friend
is the sin
of all sins
as one lay prone in the garden
giving his life
giving again
the hope beyond hope
the life beyond death
the love beyond love
the choice to acquiesce

in one stalwart moment
the world ransomed
drew her breath
and my form was forged
in the space between
the crucifix
and impending death

i followed
i followed nearly to the end
i faltered
i wavered
when the crowds gathered
and the stones collected
were hurled
at the pure innocent man
by the anger of bystanders
and the fear of onlookers
and the strength of a kingdom
meant to falter
as the last sacrifice
was removed from the altar
and the earth shook
as the mountains quaked
neath the sound
of his voice
giving praise to his father

why have you forsaken me
to call back the fragmented parts
of all my friends
sleeping in gethsemane


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