everlasting light

remember the night
when the moon covered herself
beneath the shroud
of ten thousand clouds
as the sand swirled
between our toes
and the last grains
of the hourglass
fell like thunderclaps
on our true romance

you said
this night was meant to last
that our worlds were one world
and our words
were broken glass
for lovers
wandering down the path
flirting with death

you were the ocean
i was the ocean
your eyes
into the past
i saw your history of tragic lovers dissolve
into the moondance
carressing your face
with my hands
i knew
this love could never last

i took that moonlight
& cast it
into the face
of everything hidden
and before you opened your mouth
i knew
the sorrowful
song of the perpetually torn
was written
for us
in this breathless moment
i saw you when you were young
i knew you before
you said a word
i understood
that our pain
was the same
and our love
was made
to break
like the waves
on the shore
but i could not resist
and when we kissed
the moon smiled again
and told me
she could not remember when
a love so innocent
in the history of forever
touched eternal friends
before dancing into oblivion


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