let’s burn like roman candles in the night

i want to tell you about my life- to tell you what you already know about yourself and the world you walk through everyday- i do laundry like you- i walk to the store for beer and smokes like you- i peer into conversations through bright windows in street side cafes like you- i wave to myself in a puddle and i laugh because of the distortion that makes me think of clouds running in circles round the horizon and i think of you-

i remember our conversations and the water – how the water splashed our feet when the boats came by and we sat on the dock in the innocent starlight of my imagination- i want to tell you i forgot for awhile the sweetness of solitude and how you came to me in the parking lot and kissed me before you vanished in a dream- then two nights ago another apparition-

i was reluctant- but you were persistent- you kissed me and said the love was good- the sex was good and why shouldn’t we be together- i can still offer no objection except that you are a phantom – a phantasm of my imagination- you are the thread of a dream- a long slender angle i look down into unknown unspoiled remains of my soul- you are the road that disrupts my every waking thought with promises of freedom- stolen fruit and secrets shared in the naked solitude of two souls plunging into the deep and the only thing standing between you and me is sleep-


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