the very fabric of time
ripped and swelled
in the absence of life
i gasped
i spied
a distant remembrance
as the parade marched by
all of my thoughts
scattered along the highway
the crestfallen memory
of two
paths intertwined
now broken
by the brute strength
of this lonely night
and all i can say
is call me
a cab
call me
a hopeless romance
the only light
i can read by
is held in the hands
of the few who walk by
unencumbered by time
alone in their love
they remind
they remind
all of us lonely souls
waiting to find
someone to hold
through the misery
until the final note reminds
that all of the presiding
words that i write
are words
they are words
and i
i listen
so i
can counsel the victim
who is forever and always


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