cinema & dreams

i slipped into a dream as the last flicker of the magic projector rolled the credits on our failed effort to unite two heartweary lifelonely souls into one beautiful and fragile hope your icy fingers were the only thing that i could feel when i awoke Advertisements

the dear hunter

you have never seen a more weathertorn browbeaten crowlookin symptom of a man emerge from the thicket like the last click of the hour hand before the clock strikes midnight and all the busy housewives call to their summerstruck children running wild in the streetlights like its the last day to celebrate youth before the … More the dear hunter

into thin air

can you hear him neither can i no one can not with ears and eyes and hands busy and burdened all for the guarantee of satisfaction something still yet moving me is like the wind is like me but not me more me then me and i am the mover moved to penitent position while … More into thin air


the very fabric of time ripped and swelled in the absence of life i gasped i spied a distant remembrance as the parade marched by all of my thoughts scattered along the highway beside the crestfallen memory of two undefined paths intertwined now broken by the brute strength of this lonely night and all i … More intervention