a letter from one wolf to the other wolves

i don’t understand what happened
howl- howl
you guys told me to chase the scent
over badlands
through the farmlands
until i caught wind
or sight or smell
of prey that could swell
our ravaged bellies
and quell the rebellion
in our frenzied minds
i hear something moving
something like a man
big clumsy awkward
i hear the workings of a machine
shiny barrel of a rifle
a bullet aimed at
something or someone or me
growl – growl
crack! through the stillness
like a massive tree limb
yielding to winterstorms angry protest
my body tensed
low to the ground
i crawled
to the sound
there he was
an awkward man no older or younger than me
his first kill
alone in the woods
a fawn
he knelt beside
he looked gaunt
we became one
as we ate the same body
and drank the same blood
now he is wild
and i am tame
and we both get confused
growl – growl
about how to navigate this new terrain
so i’m letting you guys know
i won’t be coming back to the wolfpack
i have another hunter
another brother
he follows me
we crouch down
he fires the shot
we drink the blood
our bellies swell
the deepest bond
for any two
lonely souls
set out in the woods


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