a momentary lapse of reason

i remember the images
closing my eyes
tight fisted images
in the dizzying drunken memory dance
you performed every time you walked out the door
there were only two hopes then
one to save
one to cast away
you were the soul to save
you were the hope to rise again
laboring laboring laboring
fighting praying worrying
over and over until
my heart was worn and my soul forlorn
then the paths crossed
the dark things in us
i became you as it were
only to find myself again
in the love that covered my sin
the same love that covers uncovers
and comes to you in this season
to take off what was and make room for what can be
i wonder what you will do
in the face of what you’ve done
i wonder who you will be
in the light of what you’ve become
i for one
believe the grace of god is enough
i with all my heart
invite you to come


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