for a minute there i lost myself

a long stretch without streetlights
without headlights
when the blackness of the road ahead
gave voice
to the
soft hum of tires
of a secret desire
to escape
fingers tense on the wheel
turning and turning
into the soft dim pale
of moonlight
on the street
as i passed
i saw a man
with hands outstretched
as if
grasping for something lost in the ditch
frantically i pulled over
running to him
i said
who are you
what is the matter here
he turned
without words
his eyes spoke of hurt
a grave
he deserved
by the road
by the road
c’mon i said
let’s move on
carry on to new adventures
where the dawn breaks
and the earth shakes
beneath the feet
of honest travelers on their beat
he said no
he said defiantly NO
i will bury my love here
i will loose my soul here
i will venture no more into the night
go on
go on without me
without the weight
of all the things you cannot change
all the words you failed to say
leave me as i am
this road
this road
is my rest
these flowers here beside my head
are enough
to give me breath
you go
you go
and live
live like a prince
own the moments
when the dawn breaks
and the sound of your footfalls shake
the ground beneath your feet
i will remain
a hopeless wanderer by name
i need no address
i want nothing but this moment
with the gentle glow
of living things
springing up beneath my toes
seriously I want you to go
leave my ghost
and go
the road winds ever onward
and your journey to the stars
is marked
by my song
i will sing
forever i will sing
of your loss
and the joy you discovered
when you left me here
in the dark contentment
of my troubles
i knew he was right
he was right to push me away
he knew my sorrow
he knew that together we would fail
so i left him
but not without provision
i reached into
my undisturbed surplus of faith
and gave him a token
a small reminder
that nothing
no memory no mountain
could prevent him
from escape
so i drove
with renewed purpose
through the gathering darkness
into a destiny unwritten
with the unguarded hope
that the man i left on the side of the road
the shadow of nature’s gold
would find his rest
in his lovers breath
as the flowers crowned his troubled head
and the sound of travelers
kissed his lips
like a lover lost
like a tires hiss
whispering of secret desires
and restless


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