i walked with your ghost
all afternoon
thoughts in and out of conflict
penetrating you
dissolving slow
touching something sincere
right before you disappeared
my eyes are wet with atmosphere


she whispered secrets in my ear
as we rode through brisk night air
the wind swirling between our tense bodies
she said she knew me before i was born
before the scars and misgivings
gathered like thunderheads
upon a great storm
she said she knew my name
the one given to me when the world was young
and everything under the sun
had not already been done


i rose
to some commotion
as strangers with strong fingers
lifted my love
from my breast

i called to her again and again

her breath through the curtains
a whisper from heaven

she said- go
live what life is left
take to heart what i say
for us there is only yesterday


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