craigslist menseekingwomen

(i was hoping for some feedback on my new personal ad) craigslist menseekingwomen single male athletic build good communicator strong handshake excellent penmanship highly organized and super chill looking for business casual type atmosphere for nothing serious must want kids within the next year looking for hot to smoking hot preferably green eyes will accept … More craigslist menseekingwomen

the veteran

i would rather keep silent not reveal my position but for the violence of battle the bomb blast and the piercing cries cutting through the smoke stained skies demanding that i command these scant moments to offer me rebuttal to a war which destroyed my moral compass threw the best of my intentions into darkness … More the veteran


i walked with your ghost all afternoon thoughts in and out of conflict arose penetrating you dissolving slow touching something sincere right before you disappeared my eyes are wet with atmosphere LATER THAT DAY she whispered secrets in my ear as we rode through brisk night air the wind swirling between our tense bodies she … More atmospheres

ode to jack

i was maybe 19 or twenty when i chased him down in his ragged out beat up malnourished ole roadster speeding past road blocks and street signs ignoring the protesters lining the sidewalks with their comfortable jobs two car garage and well manicured lawns everybody blew up in applause when they could see the taillights … More ode to jack

how the mind does funny things when the body walks away

it was nice when we had sufficient light to peer out the window through the shadows into the streets below watching memories like moths gather in the afterglow of a blinking stoplight on pacific avenue a couple blocks from our bungalow i remember like it was yesterday i remember because when i look out my … More how the mind does funny things when the body walks away