shine on you crazy diamond

i took your hand
in a time when sand
swirled beneath our feet
like the last grains of an hourglass
passing through the tragic hope
that our two broken paths
should entwine
in forgotten time
hoping we might escape
the fate
of so many ill-informed
lovers on their way
to the darker side of things
i sat still in the courtroom
fending off the tears
that you shed
i shed
in the aftermath
of our broken years
i remember
i have forgotten nothing
and i will pass through
with the same hope
i have forever held fast
muttering the simple prayer
that on the further side of time
there stands a sentinel
the divine
inside us all
cherishing the times we shared in love
before the cock crowed
the dawn erupted
and the cruel wind blew
on all our unforgiven trespasses

i hold your memory like i hold these fragile words
slipping through my fingers
back into the void
scattering these seeds
mumbling these prayers
to a god who knows what i need
and knows what we deserve
alas we are divorced
and our two tragic paths converged
are no longer one
no further intercourse
just the still quiet verse
followed by the dark chorus
settling in the dusk
of unrequited love
as for me
i will vanish
as all memories in their silent protest
and as for you
will shine
in my memory
like a diamond
illuminating the dark remembrance
of so many years
passing through the grey
and our love will resound
though it rest beneath the ground
and i will not forget
how you laid your body down
kissing my feet
knowing me complete
and calling me
the one true love
the only true love
that you have ever found

my love…in ashes
my love…in pain
my love…has passed through the hourglass
and only time remains
and only time remains


5 thoughts on “shine on you crazy diamond

  1. Ph, this is a beautifully written sad love story. I think the mention of divorce actually lends to “tell” when the piece beautifully “shows” the unfolding of the experience. You have been able to bring this heartbreaking reality to life.
    Wonderful writing!

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