the complexities of being

the complexities of being

a chord is struck
the world erupts
heavenly bodies
flex and bend
summoned by an ancient rhythm
buried in the deep
when Eden sank to grief
and all her yesterdays
wandered in the light parade
as dusk consumed the space
night fell
on the exhausted guests
the luminaries ran out of breath
sleep became the final death
while the thoughts of men
turned to love
a distraction from the wrath of god
eve… in her way
became the cure
as music faded from the world
trees ceased swaying
rivers running
before the silent plunge
into the waiting
frozen in the frigid depths
the oceans still and luminous
the queen of light let slip a tear
fire filled the atmosphere
the heavy blanket of time
now rendered impractical
cast off by her slumbering children in the world
in the distance
a sound rumored
through the frayed and troubled forests
gaining speed at the mountains crest
resting on dawn’s silk thread
she removed the crown from her head
and gave her body to the soil
life for life
breath for breath
as men relieved from backbreaking toil
drove their blades into willing earth
a tune was struck
in the forgotten verse
written in the age before ages
in the days before death
returning to life
on the plowman’s lips
as he sings in the sun
with a fistful of dirt
with Eve in his hands
and a song in his heart


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