the salesman

busy street corner any inner city you pick one he is the same independent purveyor of goods handing out winning lottery tickets to the widows in your neighborhood with gold plated promises on a string of witnesses from here to the burbs and back some folks know him as the preacher man some see his … More the salesman

the messenger

what did you go out into the wilderness to see who did you hope to meet a better reflection of your soul once earthly trappings lose their hold when the stillness cuts through you at daybreak and you can smell a storm from a million miles away did you believe the promise of the wind … More the messenger

Be Given to the Soil _ The New Album from Over the Ocean

It is rare that an album emerges from the throes of ruthless self examination and the troubled waters of a dark society to shine such a welcome light into an impoverished cultural landscape. The sounds of whaling guitars like sirens beckoning the weary sailor to shore coupled with the driving, relentless rythmns and haunting vocals … More Be Given to the Soil _ The New Album from Over the Ocean