several poems i assembled which deal with pain, loss, & hope (the video consists of some renderings of the poems accompanied with music and melancholy images)


the human remains


neath facades

of industrious weatherstrip

lies a

cataclysmic unknown


probing the great abyss


betrayed lover

warm embraces

conjure images and faces

sent spiraling for cover

fragments of another world

where memories cling to dust

cloaking mystery in failure

separating us


yet amid all these things


one bright facet

glimmering at dawn

in subtle happenings

hopes ceaseless song

rising in the echo chamber

of lovelost and far flung

rushing past idols

deaf and dumb

to the throne of god



she will

be remembered

as twilight december

a lark

a sunburst

a woman

leftover fragments

become a poem

memories deplete

all my awareness

is spilled in the street

i move to another

more resplendent cause

shouting his name

lifting my arms

no longer afraid

of who i’ve become


nice dream

this long walk


my twenties

has prepared me

for love

i will find you in a sunlit valley

with the coming of the dawn

as the blade of our young love

is forged in the fire

of our finding each other









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