don’t bury me here

carry my body

to the graves of my fathers

surround me with heroes

cold contrast of flowers

pale concrete


the thousand-yard stare

shouting orders like madmen

into the fear I might fail

rushing headlong to bullets

that rip through the air

tearing dreams from my helmet

and holes in my gear

i heard a faint whisper

don’t bury me here



5 thoughts on “don’t bury me here

  1. thank you for the likes and comments….the link at the bottom of the poem is malfunctioning but it goes to a you tube video i made where i read the poem, i want to begin incorporating that into my bloglife

  2. Thank you! I am a former Marine and am from a military town. There are many things I don’t agree with concerning the military and the government but I respect everyone who puts on the uniform and fights for freedom.

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