my secret crushed (a psalm of lament)…out of my hands

bless me

find me

keep me

as my enemies

circle round

am i the bloodthirsty native

or the pilrgim cowered down

is my blood woven into earth

is my covenant with pain

for better or for worse

will the savages


the only hope i have left

will you let them choke my lament

whispered as the cloak of death

darkens every step

towards the abyss

where is my avenger

my love my guardian my savior

where is the hand

who moves time

where is the god who gave his life

for mine

i pray he is not of the savage mind

nor the pilgrim

in fear and trembling confined

but steady waiting

on the other side

where memories

mingle with desire


faith is forged

through the trial

i see him standing with my brothers

in a furnace full of martyrs

he is stronger then death

he is

the only hope i have left

the time has come

to confess

my dark & savage secret


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