she whispered in my ear something i have never said to anyone the wind swirling between our tense bodies as we rode through the night air with a sense of detachment and displacement that first called us here she said she knew me before i was born before the scars of broken promises gathered like … More wintersleep

Manhattan (Another chapter in the psuedobiograhpical sketches)

Being younger then myself I ventured out into the soft light of a snowstorm on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. When I was young I was more apt to adventuring, leaving the familiar without so much as a road map. What happened was my Captain (in the Marine Corps) suggested one day that if anyone was troubled … More Manhattan (Another chapter in the psuedobiograhpical sketches)

the wounded healer

to grieve a loss to mourn because a soul burdened must find some repose a wound must close to heal i am not a man of steel but flesh and bone when i bend i break once i’m broken   it’s over no more lingering delusions to offer a piece of me holds life eternal and … More the wounded healer


several poems i assembled which deal with pain, loss, & hope (the video consists of some renderings of the poems accompanied with music and melancholy images)   the human remains   neath facades of industrious weatherstrip lies a cataclysmic unknown explorers probing the great abyss discover betrayed lover warm embraces conjure images and faces sent … More bereft

don’t bury me here

carry my body to the graves of my fathers surround me with heroes cold contrast of flowers pale concrete and the thousand-yard stare shouting orders like madmen into the fear I might fail rushing headlong to bullets that rip through the air tearing dreams from my helmet and holes in my gear i heard a … More don’t bury me here

take me there

take me there the way that leads us past solemn crowds downcast i want to dance in full view of all the wasteland poets who open their mouths to deny the truth