the phantasm of mendelssohn

fingers gliding across  ivory notes

falling heavy in deaf tones

whispered on the taunt strings

when the case is closed

on his tired bones

hallowed inside the haunting hum

of a poem composed when he was young

and nothing was so simple as love

 the final notes diffuse

the fragrance of his muse

melodic contemplations

arouse quiet desperation

in an atmosphere drenched

with his lover’s incense

an elixir to intoxicate

the plaintive hearts

of the tender and brave

souls who understood his pain

who knew enough to close the case

to hide her picture

hide her face

true friends liven his pint

as the toast is made

to another masterpiece

dizzy with drink

fumbling with keys

interwoven melodies

like crestfallen lovers

sharing only memories

reminiscent of the scene

in paradise lost

where paramours are separated

by a great chasm

terrible to cross

burning like torches

 in the dark

so is his song

a note to self

the ghost is gone

but her scent

lingers on


(…the poem makes more sense to know that mendelssohn was a famous composer and musician 200 years ago who had a normal life and family except for a soprano he fell in love with named jenny lind…they were never to be together..he wrote an opera for her specifically that he never heard her sing due to his untimely death but she sang it for him after he died and said   “[He was] the only person who brought fulfillment to my spirit, and almost as soon as I found him I lost him again”.)


2 thoughts on “the phantasm of mendelssohn

  1. that’s perfect because i wanted to use “scent” somewhere and that was on of the central ideas in the piece. i like scent because it seems more personal and evocative then smell…thank you

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