no more empty words

melancholy probes

like a brow beaten prostitute

taking off her robe


no more weak inspiration

or dark education


amusements drop lame

diversions from pain

memories burst into flames

tears douse the anguish on their way

to a deep and endless ocean

deeper then the grave

parched lips open

like a troubled sea in faith

waiting for the weather-beaten prophet

who met god face to face

but all the restless refugees in me

have little or nothing to say

just groans and grunts

waves of shock

& the stillborn promise

of a distant thought

hovering over the water

a desperate message in a bottle

adrift at sea

because the messenger forgot

.the cut is deep

but not enough

time is bound within my love

time repeats nothing new

as i am 7 years removed

from my first divorce


and now my worried hands

seize the thread

the last fiber of hope

on a lost marriage bed


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