the comedian

about an hour ago

i was admitted into the ward

a thousand sorry voices

in jangling discord

rang the solemn welcome

to a soul disturbed

hello…to my feverish friends

hello…to the sight i lost…when

i looked forward

to release from decadence

with gentle force

the nurse administered the vaccine

apparently my brain was melancholy

bite by a rabid thought

somewhere in-between

the rising of the dawn

and the setting that we see

when we look on fields of evergreen

to what do i owe this honor

this most auspicious degree

if not to be admitted into the lost parade

of discordant voices

mumbling in praise

of all that is askew

on the walls and halls of fate

i spied a gentle thought

exploding into flames

what if the future

is nothing more then pain

what if i’m running from

the inside of a maze

whose construct is absurd

whose truth is all ablaze

what if my only hope

is scattered on the wind

and the only chance

to escape

is channeled from within

what if my soul

is my own burden

the weight of

unrequited sin

and the tragedy

is a comedy

and i the comedian


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