Behind Closed Doors

behind closed doors

in the disappearing world

of images and words

a tragic  conflict i observe

more disturbing then the obvious

transparent and luminous

burgeoning truth torn from the pages

truth stands on the scaffold

she shouts till her voice grows tired

she walks in and out of fog

until the clouds retire

she hurries into the rushing wind

with a promise to present

a life to live until it’s lived

into the light and back again

i heard a voice

singing like a bird

signaling the dawn

she said run my friend…run on

until the past is gone

and the future holds

all fates foretold

in her song

tuning my ear to her cry

i paused with all the passers-bye

acknowledging the sorrow

of my unlived life

fading into obscurity

as desire steps aside

acquiescing to reality

the pain of false security

the bane of a lonely mans intimacy

with the night

where…oh where…is the song of hope

that came to me when i was young

when…oh when…will my wings grow strong

lifting me from here beyond

carrying me into a world

that exists behind closed doors

i exist behind closed doors

truth exist behind closed doors

no one knows me anymore

the song…the key…behind closed doors


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