my old man

i feel him when i’m alone driving in my truck alone from here to there not really going anywhere just driving to be out to be somewhere other than my chair with my books and thoughts and television box my old man alone drove more miles past midnight than a trucker on the road out … More my old man

shackletown (a gritty midrash mismash on love, corruption, worship & redemption)

a midrash can be loosely defined in modern times as a creative meditative exploration of a biblical texts. in ancient times the hebrews created stories to fill in the gaps of the biblical narrative. they drew upon “rabbinic principles of hermeneutics and philology to align them with the religious and ethical values of religious teachers.” … More shackletown (a gritty midrash mismash on love, corruption, worship & redemption)


even here now you meet me you wait and have been waiting for me when i was wrong and turning to darker things you looked inside my heart you created something brave from you it came it came because you experienced the same now you know my friend what it is to hate now drop … More intercession

the sleepwalkers dream

witnessing each cold mystery rise and fall and fade into the unseen like frozen diamonds of time from the sleepwalkers dream , morning gives to night the songbirds melody i listen to the movements outside my window as they rise and fall and fade an endless miracle has produced another day , the ghosts who … More the sleepwalkers dream