the space trilogy

ground control


the long curve around the moon

afforded me the chance

to display my thoughts

on the windowsill of infinite time

starring…longing   for the innumerable flickering lights

begging me to come

walk upon each exotic shore

taste the water of a rainless world

pass through vapors into vapors

a shimmering glad crown

adorning a radiant orb

which planet is my home?

they are all my home

and when i return

from this trip around the moon

i will tell the people of earth

that god is coming to a theater near you




part 2 (ghostology)


during my second mission

it occurred to me

that the vacuum of space

muted everything

except the pesky ghost in my train


so naturally

i accosted them

one by one

i deloused  debated and dismissed them

some i sent to the underworld

others i threw out the door

a few became postcards

to my friends in other parts

and the rest  like what’s her name

disappeared into the fog


having accomplished this feat

in no less then 5 minutes

i congratulated my selves

took a dusty journal off the shelf

and suddenly realized

that words are doors to other worlds

every syllable a knock

every sentence a step

if i persist in reading

i might not come back

quick- shut the book

shut the door

shut down the black and white words

shut up- just shut up!

i can’t take it anymore


there is nowhere on this ship

that doesn’t resemble everywhere else

my mind is no help

i can’t pray

because i’m too close to space

i can’t think

because there is no gravity

and every discarded thought

drifts slowly from my grasp

with no obstacle in it’s path

no will on which to rebound

no waves made of sound

just the soft quiet hum…

of my clock turning round

with one hand on it’s heart

and the other on it’s mouth






captains log


have you ever performed surgery on yourself

i ask because i want to tell you that i did

and it did not go so well

you see   i got a splinter

it turned into a thorn

i was scared so i left it alone

but it changed the way i thought

the way i talk

i started to limp along

doing a worthy job

of blending into the crowd

but as you can guess

it grew worse

the area became infected

the pain doubled, tripled, etc.

people began to notice

ask questions, murmur, snicker

“look at that kid

and his pitiful jacket

draped over his crooked body

like a shadow on a carcass”


oh, they said many things

mostly because i was alone

and the brood of vipers

was my own distortion

engineered by deprivation

and the long-standing pressure of the situation

– finally, on a tuesday morning

i decided it was time

i ripped into the wound

recklessly grabbing, pulling, cutting

my way through

layers of rumors

& cancerous tumors

smothering the thorn


i should warn you now not to read on

because when i finally put my hand on it

it felt like a pen

in the hand of a poet

who sternly suggested that i brace myself like a man

of course i turned away

i lost heart and faltered

because all my life i have been looking for the reason i was born

imagine how i felt

when i realized

i am the thorn!



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