a mask of many shades {be broken}

a mask of many shades {be broken}

a young boy

brooding in his room alone

a thousand landlocked tears

afford no refuge from the storm

his anguish becomes an ocean

loneliness an island

the searchlight illumines his fears

the sailors voices hint violence

he jumps at the haunting song of the foghorn

frightened by the ghosts

frightened by death

frightened of all who make their bed in the depths

with no other option

he concocts a system

to secure the approval

of angels and demons

the echoing cry

clattering through the corridors of his mind

difficult to ignore

the discordant chorus of lies

reach their fevered pitch

in a demonic mesh

as they snare him in their nets

declaring- you are worthless!

years later

brow-beaten by sand and time

he sits still alone

entire civilizations have grown

populating the lonely island

yet there is no refuge

all vain constructs

futile in speculation

he is still reeling from the backlash

of constant indignation

the boy speaks

“where were the hands to hold me

the words to give me strength

where was the love professed

by poets, friends, and saints

where is the god of the western world

if he exists at all

he may talk to others

but i am not so sure

the mask has taken my face

can this continue

can i endure the change

will there ever be relief

this side of the grave

i watched him fall from the airwaves

the so-called god of the western world

he flitted through my imaginations

striking the theater in my mind with a thud

i stepped on his neck to make sure he was dead

i put sand in his mouth to forget what he said

i gave his body to the ocean

and his eyes to the stars

then gathered my few trappings

and quickly went nowhere at all

grief in waves of sorrow

crashed upon the island

who cares if the whole mess is swept into the sea

i am alone now- heartsick and free

i won’t go to him- let the waves come to me

the tide rises

memories spill out of the clouds

the anxious rhythm of a million moments

pound  pound

upon the useless shelter of empty sound

if you have something to say

speak now!

i open my eyes – c’mon

show me something

show me the way out

make a move  or else

i’ll drown

somewhere in the night

as twilight wrestled her lover

chasing his hem round the horizon

disquiet departed

a deep satisfaction of the soul


as shadows threw

deep tones from the moon

on the encroaching waves

like the last flicker of a street light

acquiescing to the day

the seaweed shone like tinsel

in natures soft parade

the peace of fate revealed

shone upon his face

and he knew

that living or dying

one choice remained

he stood defiant as the lighting struck

his mask of many shades

it fell to the ground and was swallowed by the grave

and his face

fresh and young

looked out into the dark brilliance of space

completely unafraid


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