the road

{The road is difficult. I believe it is designed that way. These poems briefly pull back the shades offering a glimpse into the landscape of my journey.}

[the boy knows rejection]


then marred by disdain

one strong hand

changing channels

the other pushing me away

i run for cover

making my bed

on a pile of rubble

underneath an underpass

i feel my comfort will not last

rain has come

and soaked my house

tape dissolved  cardboard fell

drifting down the river now

i have no means to fish things out

[the boy leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of acceptance]


the great flood

i wandered

in caverns

to span time

i ran backwards

into my youth

before the birth

of my failure

to become one pure sunset

in the heart of my father

[the teenager finds identity in poetry- though often dismal at best]


i remember you

late hours typing

reaching for fame

in one grandiose lame


to sidestep

the torrent of shame

that cascades

like so many movements of shade

through the blinds

until the time

the sun retreats to palisades

on the other side of things

where dormant accolades

adorn the walls

and flood the caves

with clues

for future generations

made to scrape the dust

from the awkward line that must

have been scrawled

by a neanderthal

with a ladder

tall enough

to see


the heart of the matter

[the young wanderer rests on the road contemplating the direction he should go]

arms of christ

snared in barb-wire fence

wandering from the fold

fitting in alone

empathy in his approach

gravity   in his hope

tender hands

taking great pains

cleansing my soul

loosing my chains

i   became whole

he became home

[ the young adult begins the ardourous walk to freedom]

i have run from pain

so far away

i embraced

a deeper wound

i faced

an empty tomb

and then a revelation

he is not here

he has ascended

not alone

he took my pain with him

[ the young man enjoys communion with christ]

my heart just opened up

it was closed for years

for fears that disrupt

prodded me into darkness

probing me for confessions

now my torturers have vanished

like my dark obsessions

into light and glory strong

i lift my countenance to god

believing him to be the one

who split this adam with his holy love

[communion begets revelation, healing, and peace]

of all the joys

i think you best

the power you posses

to turn a heart like this

to blaze

when not so many days


i was agape

with wounds and woe

your song in dark hours arose

lifting me from the throes

a soul restored

a child wanted

despite my imperfect performance

and the charge against me so enormous

[no ground gained without conflict- the young man reclaims his past in the light of christ love dispelling shame and inspiring confidence]

these memories

are mine

once tainted


shake well

the darkness

coming to light

coming to focus

images surface

an emotional circus

i open the earth with

driving my stake in time


these memories

are mine

[a new hope engendered by prayer]

the future

leans heavy toward some great adventure

everything rushing to the epicenter

the earth is shaking

walls are crashing

inside my heart

i can’t stop asking

that this be the final

forever conclusion

that this valley be flooded

with sunshine and music

[beyond the valley-the victory of the cross in the young mans heart]

oh- the release

words bring

when found covering

some aged hurt

inflicted by a careless world

they hit me

but did not disturb

my innermost and final verse


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