to feel beyond what i feel

into the light

behind all forms


illuminating my heart

revealing yours


i am coming

on your invitation

sprinting to your doorstep

in anticipation


unite my heart in conquest

ransom my scattered past

back from death


make me a pearl

in your hidden world


of hope and breath


in you there is life


beyond death


2nd poem

what does it look like

to give your life to grace

light flooding everything

insults and injuries

are cast away

by poets and the saints

what does it look like

to give…your life…to grace



3rd poem

i’ve never wanted something with such desperation

as this imagined life

to bite into the bone

sucking the marrow

to be known

not for yesterday or tomorrow

to see

what remains

disguised in the form

to live and be alive

and die as i am born

into a world of water, wind, & storm




…all my life longing for that distant shore




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