warfare – the interplay of prayer, prophecy, and progress

no recess (order in the court)

war has brokenout
our borders are unprotected
raiders pillage and burn
taking their spoils
from the unborn
reeking their havoc
in the high court
a call to action
and we’re alarmed
that someone should protest
in the house of god

director’s cut (thrown to the lions)

an arena
obscene onlookers with unsettled eye
gaze upon the praying one
till he rip and tear into another atmosphere
the curtain is thrown back
the universe revealed
light shines forth in triumphant array
of unwavering faith
bereft of disguise
his transparent heart hollows the lies
ferocious mouths are stopped for a time
while innocence stands somewhere outside
of itself
with no need to be held
his strength has arrived
in the person of christ

we have outgrown our cover (rend the heavens)

we wrestle
tearing holes in the atmosphere
rifts appear
in twin realities
with varying degrees
of frequency
subtle shades of mystery
as angelic beings
collect humble offerings
turning them into a breeze
a fragrance spinning
through me
bouncing off
the outer ring
landing at your feet

breakthrough (that brilliant moment when your light swallows darkness)

my heart just opened up
it was closed for years
for fears that disrupt
prodded me into darkness
probing me for confessions
now my torturers have vanished
like my dark obsessions
into light and glory strong
i lift my countenance to god
believing him to be the one
who split this adam with his holy love

release (as my burdens slip from my shoulders)

i refuse to carry this burden any longer
i will leave these worries at your cross
and die a thousand times familiar
to reach that hope beyond all hope
and leave confusion to the scholars


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