the human remains

( this poem comes from a book of poetry i wrote called don’t bury me here. i wrote this book in the wake of my painful divorce back in 2004. the relief i found in words proved to be a source of illumination, painful self realization, healing, and ultimately breakthrough! i hope the poems i share … More the human remains


    she used to scrape our streets for loose change before she had reason to want anything before she caught wind of a descending trend that stole her last bit of insight the peril of wisdom they sought it / she sold it for one tenth of the price a piece of forever that … More shackletown

Part 3 (Psuedobiographical Sketches) Parris Island (the 2nd of 3 Islands)

I was off to Parris Island. A factory in the swamps of South Carolina where the Marines forge boys into men, men into soldiers and soldiers into weapons devoid of self-interest. Or so they ascribed. I found dank, grey, humid halls with metallic beds and showers. Cold floors and loud voices echoing endlessly off piss- … More Part 3 (Psuedobiographical Sketches) Parris Island (the 2nd of 3 Islands)