I was born into cotton, Momma pushed me out while pickin, Ants ran across my dark skin, Sister pulled them off like candy, laid me in the furrow. I starred into the first of many droughts. I cried out but there was no air.   All the pickers moved on down the rows, leaving me … More EXODUS

a resolute prayer

Father, keep them in your name, those who light the fires, walk the ramparts, whose distance is measured in phone calls and letters, who spend themselves in silence, and give their bodies to the violence, keep them in your name. Father, hide them in your wings, the mothers and daughters, who fight for others, for … More a resolute prayer

rite of passage

Landing my boat on the shore, (my arms from rowing, weary, beaten) Upward I looked and saw in tree aloft, a disturbance in the canopy, The shrill cries and terrible flight of eaglets thrust over the edge, Beating wings, sharp claws, fierce beaks tearing at the nest, At once, exploding into sky bursts, beating the … More rite of passage